Because for us, it is personal.

What We Do

Tribute is an event, concierge, and creative services company that specializes in helping families and friends remember, celebrate and memorialize loved ones.

Whether you are planning your own service or you are quickly trying to arrange the best remembrance for a family member, Tribute will handle every detail with care and love.

Why Choose Tribute?

We provide tasteful and appropriate services to commemorate and honor your loved ones. From simple, intimate gatherings to full service and reception planning to multi-media services and to the details that follow.

Our relationship with you is personal. It’s not cookie-cutter. We care so much about you, your needs and wishes during this time. We are here to make your life easier.

We take it seriously that every person deserves a dignified remembrance. A lot of it is in the details—from the obituary to the officiant.

Through videos of the service as well as personal videos, historical photos and memorial scrapbooks, loved ones can be remembered for future generations.

About Our Founder

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Kate Ottenberg founded Tribute in 2013 to marry her extensive experience in public relations, marketing and events with her personal passion for helping people get through tough times. Prior to Tribute, Kate served as the Director, Video Services and Media Relations for TMG Custom Media (now McMurry/TMG) where she helped association and corporate clients develop and execute video strategies for their brand and editorial channels. Kate also handled the public relations for the company and helped conceive and execute creative events for TMG and its clients.

Prior to TMG, Kate was a publicist at Sunshine/Sachs, a public relations firm in New York, where she led successful publicity campaigns for a variety of clients including authors, digital startups, concerts and major events such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kate started her career in magazines, working as a public relations account executive at Bauer Publishing and then as Director, Public Relations for Star Magazine.

  “It’s the little things that set Kate apart from the rest—she’s considerate, always on time, has great taste and has a tacit understanding of people—she ‘gets it’.”  – Jennifer M., Washington D.C.

Kate Found Inspiration Through Family

The inspiration for Tribute dates back to 1995 when our founder’s beloved grandmother Florence Ottenberg passed away. Florence was a kind and loving matriarch yet behind her small stature and gentle soul was a tough woman.


Like many people of Florence’s generation, she never discussed how she would like to be memorialized, and her sons made funeral arrangements on their own. Less than 24-hours before the funeral, while going through random piles of old papers, they found a note declaring her wishes for a simple funeral. She wrote that if those wishes were ignored she would “haunt you for the rest of your life.”

While the note provided comic relief, the family took it seriously and her wishes were fulfilled. The lesson gleaned from Florence Ottenberg is that as hard as it may be to address — many of us want our funerals to reflect who we were as individuals.