4 Tips on Creating a Thoughtful Gift

tributegiftguideA friend of mine reached out to me recently because she wants to give her grandmother something meaningful for her 98th birthday. My friend’s grandmother is an amazing, independent woman who works out on a recumbent bike and loves dessert and vodka martinis. (The secret to life, apparently!)

My friend considered spa treatments and jewelry (which of course are always great), but she really wanted give something her grandmother could treasure. So we decided to do a book, where everyone in her family will write something lovely, funny or poetic about her, with photographs interspersed. It’s basically part love letter, part photo album, part scrapbook.

Here at Tribute, we love creating these kinds of gifts that celebrate family members, especially while they are here to enjoy it.

If you are looking to create a meaningful gift for your loved one, here are 4 tips:

  • Write a wedding toast: Some of the best wedding toasts start with a funny anecdote, followed by some warm words about the bride or groom, followed by well wishes. This model translates well for a book or video tribute because the tone is just right. It’s more thought out and personal than just saying “Happy birthday I love you,” but not a lengthy, emotionally charged memoir, either.
  • Think Creatively: On one book I worked on, a family member created a personalized word search puzzle with great adjectives that described her grandparent.
  • Family Portrait: In a world of selfies and digital photo albums, taking the time to pose as a family for a portrait that is then printed and framed is a rare and beautiful thing.
  • T-shirts/mementos: When presenting your book/video/photo tribute, embrace the schmaltzy-ness of the moment. Get t-shirts made for everyone that says the date and occasion and make them wear it!  You can also get customized candy, key-chains, picture frames, etc. for everyone to remember the gathering. Have fun with it all!