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Have You Ever Imagined Your Own Funeral?

When people ask me why I started Tribute, I tell them it’s because everyone deserves to have their lives celebrated and final wishes honored. I’m passionate about helping people get through difficult times and am fascinated by the incredible lives of everyday people in this world.

According to a very informal survey, eight out of ten of my family and friends (over the age of 30) admitted that they have imagined what their funeral would be like. It’s not something any of us want to think about often but every now and then, the thought creeps into our imaginations. Questions such as “How many people will show up?” and “What will be said about me?” were common.

“…eight out of ten of my family and friends (over the age of 30) admitted that they have imagined what their funeral would be like.”

Others had more specific ideas, including gospel choirs, comedy roasts and rowdy parties.  They are certainly not alone. According to a recent NBC News report, the funeral industry is changing due to baby boomers’ changing attitudes.  They want more control, they don’t want to burden family members during a difficult time and they are increasingly having personalized funerals.

The Big ChillWe’re personalizing everything,” said Nathan Smith, founder and president of ‘Til We Meet Again, a custom casket and urn company. Smith opened his flagship store in Wichita, Kan., three years ago and has sold customized products such as tie-died designed casket for a “self described hippie” and motorcycle themed urns. Today, he has four stores around the country and franchise agreements for more than a dozen others. “There is such a huge demand for this product,” he said. “The baby boomers are driving this.

Other recent trends include funeral livecasts, green burials and celebration of life events.

Here at The Finale, we will cover new trends in the industry, share best practices and highlight obituaries of some of the fascinating people that make up this world.

I hope you will join us.

~ Kate

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Kate Ottenberg founded Tribute to marry her extensive experience in PR, marketing and events with her personal passion for helping people get through tough times.

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