Your personal remembrance to those you love

When celebrated young adult author Judy Blume was promoting the feature film “Tiger Eyes” based on her classic novel, the filmmaker’s son made an online video about her called “Who is Judy Blume?” She liked it so much that she joked that she wanted the video played at her funeral. She and her family no doubt will be glad she got to see it while she’s still youthful, healthy and here.

Celebrities shouldn’t be the only ones to have videos memorializing their lives and accomplishments. Everyone has a story and Tribute wants to capture yours. This is a gift for your family and for future generations. So many people say, “Gosh I wish I had asked that” after their loved one is gone. Little things can get lost; from career highs and lows, to first date stories and favorite childhood memories. Let us film you while you are still here, to depict your wisdom, humor and advice.

“I’ve worked with Kate for many years on video shoots and large events—and continue to admire her ability to problem solve, say yes to every seemingly impossible ask and on top of it all have a calming spirit. She demands the best for her clients and works persistently to achieve it.” — Quinn M, New York, NY

Our Services Include:

We work collaboratively to help you determine the focus of the film.

Our professional filmmakers strive to capture you the way you want to be remembered.

As an additional service we can facilitate interviews with family, friends and loved ones.

Our design team will create custom graphics for introductions and identifications within the film. Additionally, appropriate music sets the tone of the video (subject to licensing fees).

Editing will ensure that the film is well prepared and flows optimally.

Tribute will provide copies of the final film in the proper format that you request.

Our team will provide assistance with uploading your film in specific online channels.


Our video team has decades of combined experience in producing, shooting and editing broadcast newscasts and online videos for major corporations and associations. We use journalistic techniques by asking you questions that will bring out interesting stories and the best of your personality.

Samples of Tribute Videos coming soon.